ROOT PACKAGE (DIY) : Rs 9,999*
-Acquiring ISBN number for all your book formats – Isbn is essential and first thing you need to publish a book, Isbn will be booked under Publisher name “ Tezz Publication and Multimedia” If you need a Self-published book, we can help you do that (additional charged will be applied)
-Converting your script in book format (editing not included) -- Have your script ready, but facing problem converting in book format, no problem we will do it for you. Submit your writing in word format and we will make it in book format (this includes Paperback , hardcover and eBook format)
-You can design book cover for free with help of our Adobe Partner --
-You can choose any of the add on options as per your requirement
-100% profit share
-All of root package
-Customized book Designing by professional -- Want a professional touch to your cover or already have an image/idea with you, just need to put it in right manner, our designing team are always there to help you. Just submit your requirement and we will provide you with a cover pages to choose from (This service is chargeable)
-Designing of book interior -- Decided on attractive book cover you are half way thru, interior of the book also pays a remarkable impact on readers Interior designing is as important as exterior, it is very crucial to place your content in right manner which makes books more attractive and helps people to hold on.
-Your creation will be sold on Tezz Publication and multimedia website
-All of bronze
-Uploaded on Indian ecommerce website (Amazon, kindle and Flipkart)
-Social media setup
This option will cover Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn
We will create your media pages on all above
Designing your page and promoting for 2 weeks
Guided services of SEO for 2 weeks
We can boost your post (additional charges applied)
Social media marketing guidance

After 2 weeks of marketing you will be guided as how you can continue to market your product and earn maximum profit from it

-Book mock-up
-Authors page on and Tezz Publication website: Tell everyone a little about yourself, our creations your events, your purpose etc.
-We will create an authors page where you can showcase and sell all of your book creations   
-All of Crown
-Your company/Personal website: We will your own company or personal stunning website, and guide you how to update and maintain it or you can opt for one of our maintenance services
-Synopsis video with voice over: tell your story in your own voice. We will create a video with your voice over in which you can explain the whole concept of your book, purpose writing behind this book and your inspiration. (If you are not comfortable with your voice, we can do it for you with a minimum extra cost)